10 years ago, a sketch-comedy experiment became an international smash-hit that launched a new genre of live theater. This month, “Bye Bye Liver” invites you to celebrate the show that “puts the efforts of ‘Saturday Night Live’ to shame” (Chicago Sun-Times), where it’s “impossible to not have a good time!” (TimeOut Chicago)

To date, it’s been seen by hundreds of thousands of fans, and continues to grow on a national scale.

But it was all started right here in Chicago, by proud Chicagoan Byron Hatfield (who was actually under contract to write a political play but ran out of time). It is a fun, bold and perfect embodiment of Chicago and its dating, doing, and drinking scene.

And we can’t believe how fortunate we’ve been for all these years.

And that’s why we’re going to throw a party! Because Chicago’s been good to us, and we definitely personify so much about this city. It’s what has made the show so successful here and in other cities. It’s a gateway drug to theatre, accessible for anyone that likes to have fun.

Please join us for the 10th Anniversary of “Bye Bye Liver: The Drinking Play!” The cast and crew is happy to do interviews for this occasion, including the current cast, as well as the show’s creator.

Here’s what other’s have said about the show:
‘an hour of non-stop laughs’- Up Chicago
“Impossible not to have a good time”- Timeout Chicago
‘puts the efforts of Saturday Night Live to shame’- Chicago Sun Times
‘Ever wonder what it might look like if someone wrote a comedic script about your life? Well now here’s your chance’- Redeye Chicago
‘The perfect way to start a weekend night out with friends’ Chicago Sun Times
‘it may be the only thing you don’t regret in the morning’- Chicago Sun Times
‘Bye Bye Liver is the place to be’ – CBS Chicago
‘I’ll drink to that! Bye Bye Liver is a must see!’- Buzz news

About “Bye Bye Liver: 10 Years, Over 1 Million Beers (Literally)”: The show touches on those all-too-common situations that any Chicago party-goer has survived, like when you and your friends are all on the same page, but one guy is already onto the next chapter. Or you swiped left on someone who only drinks Malört. Or you find yourself suddenly the star of a rap battle.
For 75 minutes, theater-goers are served an intoxicating mix of locally brewed comedy blended with interactive social games. Audiences will find themselves pitted against each other and the actors, playing games like “Would You Rather” and “Name That Tune.”

Along with the show, audience members will get to enjoy the birthday party of the century! Ticketholders will receive VIP treatment, including drinks and photos with the cast, hors d’oeuvres, swag and a dance party following the 8pm performance. Drink specials will be available that evening, including refreshing cocktails like the fruity “Blushing Bride,” and the margarita-inspired “Make America Drink Again.”
“Bye Bye Liver” features: Maddie Daviss, Mike Maloney, Allison Petrillo, Devan Pruitt and Mark Rosenthal


September 30th, 2017, 8pm-12am

The Public House Theatre
3914 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60613

773.230.4770 or thepubtheatre.com


Show: 75 min.
Party: until 12am



The friendliest theatre in Chicago invites you to enjoy a show or two that “puts the efforts of Saturday Night Live to shame (Chicago SunTimes),” where “The modus operandi seems to be coming up with the sort of ideas that seem brilliant when you’re smashed at 2 a.m. and then…actually making them work. (The Examiner)” If you’re thirsty, take advantage of the excellent drink deals at the full bar, especially if you’re a fine whiskey or craft beer lover. With any show on any night of the week, it’s “impossible to not have a good time (TimeOut Chicago).” ThePubTheatre.com