Written by  – Adrienne Teely & Travis Marsala

Directed by  – Patrick Zielinski



Our story takes place in the town of Goldandsilverton, home to the finest copper mines this side of the Mississippi. Trouble arises when fearsome outlaw Kid the Kid buys the rights to the copper mines. Kid plots to abolish all mining regulations in order to achieve maximum profit from the mines, even though doing so would completely contaminate the town’s lake, their only water source. It’s up to Tex McDreamy and a colorful cast of allies to defeat Kid, protect the lake, and save the town.


Saturdays in July (8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th) at 10:00pm


All ages, ethnicities and types


Tex McDreamy– Our fresh-faced hero. The mostly morally upright sheriff of Goldandsilverton. While he is the only real law enforcement officer of the town, he is still pretty naive when it comes to the ways of the world, and not the brightest crayon in the box. Think of him like a Golden Retriever.

Kid the Kid– Our villain. A genuine badass. In addition to robbing and pillaging, he has a nefarious entrepreneurial side as well. He is smart, often has to cut through the chaos and idiocy around him to remind everyone they are in serious trouble.

Quint– Finds himself in Goldandsilverton for revenge… and a little bit of fishing. Quickly becomes a loyal right hand man to Tex. As an outsider to the town, he offers wry commentary on the batshit things going on around him.

Clammy Jane– The town madame and saloon owner. Her position allows her to gain all kinds of intel and gossip; she’s actually a pretty important and powerful person. Unfortunately, she is also incredibly gross. Sickly, always kind of moist and on the brink of death. She is very unpleasant to be around.

Deadwood– A crusty drunk who begrudgingly becomes the mentor for Tex and Quint. Deadwood is trying to outrun his past life, when he was a comrade of Kid’s. He is mean and crotchety, but ultimately is the only one with the know-how to push Tex to fulfill his role as a hero.

Partridge– Kid the Kid’s right hand man. Think of him almost as a butler– he’s proper, smart, and restrained. Also harbors a secret love for Clammy, and beneath his villainous exterior, he really just wants to have a large, happy-go-lucky family.

Goose– The resident jock of the villains. Loves volleyball, as his Top Gun namesake would have wanted. Kind of an idiot.

Mayor– Confidently glazes over any problem facing Goldandsilverton, to give the impression that nothing is wrong… but also because he doesn’t seem to really be personally invested in anything that goes on in the town.

Tumbleweed– Old prospector who knows the country like the back of his hand. He’s a Scientologist, and also believes that there are sentient monster cacti roaming the desert. Definitely an eccentric. The bigger the better.

Clive and Jessie– The bickering duo. Can make fun of anyone at anytime. Very 2-D characters, it’s important that they’re mostly there to mock but not to feel realistic emotions, as they get killed very quickly. They do have tenderness towards each other though.


TBD – Mostly nights and weekend days




June 5th 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm



The Public House Theatre

3914 N. Clark St.

Chicago, IL 60613



Group Audition – sides will be provided

To schedule an audition, please send your headshot and resume to