BBL Presents: 5 Drinking Games For Donald Trump’s SNL Performance

BBL Presents: 5 Drinking Games For Donald Trump’s SNL Performance


For reasons that don’t make sense to us, Donald Trump is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. To swallow some of the orange Republican’s on-air antics, we’ve created a list of things to watch (and drink) for. If you’re lucky, you’ll drink enough to forget the whole thing ever happened. (We have a feeling the cast does, too.) If you’re even luckier, you live close to one of our theaters and can laugh and drink Trump-free with the Bye Bye Liver Crew! Now, on to the drinking part…

Much like a swinging pocket watch, Trump’s hair draws you in, puts you under hypnosis, and makes you wonder ‘who still wears these things?’. Do your best to ignore the golden fuzz or drink up!

Any mention of birth certificates (3 drinks)

Donald still believes Obama isn’t an American, no matter how many times his evidence is rejected. If Trump or SNL play up this old card, you’ll be happy to wash it away with a few swigs.

Infomercial Night Live (3 drinks)

If anyone on-air mentions one of Trump’s many businesses, failed or current, bottoms up. We expect the “entrepreneur” to look for any chance to make more money. If you hear one word about his golf courses, casinos, luxury hotels or self-tanning spray – you’re drinking!


An actor shows their true colors (4 drinks)

While there are some true talents presently on SNL, it’s going to be hard for them to hide their distaste for the political cartoon that is ‘The Donald’, in character or not. If you see an actor wince at Trump’s ridiculousness or become embarrassed by his acting chops – take 4 drinks. They’ve been dealing with this guy all week – pour one for your homies.


Tweet Or Drink (1 drink)

Trump’s Twitter supplies more jokes-a-minute than most successful sitcoms. If Trump mentions his twitter handle or quotes directly from his previous tweets, you drink. We kept the drink amount low because we’re expecting this one a lot. And, the tweet above will make you want to order a pitcher of Vodka for yourself anyways.

You Made It!

If you are still sober enough to read this far down the list, congrats! Either Trump didn’t make a total ass of himself or you can hold your own. Any way you double-look at it, we’re happy you played and hope you can join us for a Bye Bye Liver show soon. Check back for more articles, videos, podcasts and more.


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We're changing venues! Starting on February 3rd, we’ll be running at Stage773 on Saturdays at 8pm. See you there!

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