Go Deep Inside: "Bates: An 80s Musical ‘Psycho’ Parody"

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Sasha Hatfield has a candid conversation with Ali Delianides, Ricky Glore and Jaclyn “Jacs” Loberg about the creation of the new comedy, “Bates: An 80s Musical ‘Psycho’ Parody,” positivity, constructive criticism and favorite foods. (Warning: Language)


You might have heard this one- Restless secretary Marion Crane goes on the run after stealing a hefty sum of money. Driven off the road by a storm, she takes refuge at the Bates Motel, run by a polite but peculiar man named Norman, who dotes faithfully on his domineering, aged mother. Marion takes a shower, and the rest is genre-defining history as she meets her end at the hands of a maniac with a knife in a nightdress.

Though the story may be familiar, you’ve never seen Psycho like this. “Bates: An 80s Musical Psycho Parody” is an energetic romp through Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller, set to some of the biggest hits of the 80s. The creators of “A Nightmare on Backstreet” invite you to sing and scream along as you venture deep into the dark psyche of Norman Bates and the iconic cast of characters around and within him. Spend the most romantic month of the year with the man who exemplifies the adage, “A boy’s first love is his mother.”

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We're changing venues! Starting on February 3rd, we’ll be running at Stage773 on Saturdays at 8pm. See you there!

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