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Dead Broads Yapping

Review by Oona O’Leary

“I walked past Margaret Thatcher’s room and she was playing Thrift Shop.”  – Joan of Arc on her dislike for Macklemore’s omnipresence.

Dead Broads Yapping is that delicious middle between the Today Show and and a biography reader’s heaven. Courtney Crary, Marie Maloney, and Caroline Nash are Joan of Arc, Jackie Kennedy, and Amelia Earhart respectively. Actually, Dead Broads Yapping could give The Today Show a run for its money. It’s that sweet spot between high and low humor, literati and tabloid. These ladies do not falter breathing life back into such imposing figures: Crary, Maloney, and Nash have strong sense of their historical characters and they’re already pulling in some of the best up-and-coming improvisers in the city to play with.

Directed by Stacy Smith – herself one half of the amazing duo Snooty Pageant – the show snowballs with energy, wit, and charm. I don’t want to give away the titles of the segments, since they’re tongue-in-cheek delightful, suffice to say they give all three ladies and producer Teddy Roosevelt (Keenan Camp) a moment to shine individually. While it’s clear each can hold her own on stage, the show is most enjoyable when the ladies interact with each other. I had the pleasure of watching interviews with Eli Whitney (played by Ben Larrison who some may remember as Andrew Jackson from the Mary Todd Lincoln Variety Hour), who shyly try to talk about the cotton gin; and Mark Twain (played by Chelsea Norment) as he made things awkward by aggressively hitting on Joan. That’s an entertaining show already but Dead Broads Yapping also involves the audience in games with pretty legit prizes. One audience member won an electric griddle for out-eating a plate of donuts against our 26th president. The night even ended with an homage to the greatest talk show host ever: Oprah.

Joan, Jackie, and Amelia are fully developed historical characters as well as pop-culture driven talk show hosts. As they take more chances and grow nerdier with their guests and audiences the show will be unstoppable. Each night has a different theme and I already know I’ll be going back for a second helping. I hope to see you there.

Dead Broads Yapping runs for three more Thursdays, at 8:00 at the Public House Theatre. Tickets can be purchased online
For more details on Dead Broads Yapping shows check out their event page on Facebook.


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We're changing venues! Starting on February 3rd, we’ll be running at Stage773 on Saturdays at 8pm. See you there!

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